The Basics Where to get the IP Office software Using manager to view a conf iguration What version firmware do I have? Saving a config file What do I need to do to backup my system? Merge - changing the name on a phone Merge - adding a do not disturb & call forward button Reboot - phone line change Changing or resetting a voicemail password Intermediate programming Setting up service monitoring Time profiles - using a daily schedule Time profiles - using a calendar Hunt Groups - queuing Hunt Groups - overflow Hunt Groups - fallback using time profiles Hunt Groups - fallback using a button Hunt Groups - adding users to hunt groups (queues) Call Recording Recording a call manually Recording a call automatically Turning off recording notifications Other call recording options and considerations Advanced Concepts User Rights Call Center Agents Voicemail to email - embedded Voicemail Pro Exporting a Voicemail Pro call flow Voicemail Pro proactive failsafe (one server) Voicemail to email The text and video contents of this site are Copyight © 2011, Phone Programmer.NET. Videos may be used by permission only. Caveat: PhoneProgrammer.NET presents these videos for educational purposes only. Programming tasks performed on operational phone systems are done at the risk of the person performing these tasks. You should refer any programming to an Avaya certified engineer. Please check the Links and Resources section for qualified programmers. Watching these videos means you have agreed to these terms.